Systemastic Mastic Sealant Services

Systemastic provide a mastic sealant service on new construction projects and established infrastructure. We use an extensive range of sealants depending on the technical requirement of each project. These projects range from domestic/ residential environments to high end commercial premises. Because of the wide range of different specifications and requirements that each project requires, Systemastic have acquired specialist knowledge and experience across a broad range of buildings, structures and environments.

Our clients are architects, construction companies, institutions, government agencies/departments, schools, colleges and universities amongst others. We are delighted to work regularly with many local builders and businesses including Maple Building Services, a traditional building contractor and developer based in Long Melford. Fleming Construction, a family contracting construction business operating in Cambridgeshire and beyond. Seamans Building an award winning construction company based in East Anglia and Suffolk Construction Partners, a long established and experienced building company based in Sudbury. We also undertake significant contracts with SDC Builders in Bedford, Farrans Building and Civil Engineers, Taylor Wimpey and Hopkins Homes.

Systemastic’s industrial clients include food processing plants, a variety of manufacturing plants, bespoke factory units and also large scale installations such as aviation production plants. Commercial clients include shops & retail units, commercial car parks, large and small hotels. Our residential work includes new build houses, university and college student accommodation and remedial and restoration residential projects. We have extensive experience in civil contracts throughout the UK, including water treatment plants, the Sellafield Nuclear Power Station and various types of bridges. We also undertake specialist contracts such as cinema auditoriums, NHS and private clinical environments as well as prisons, which all demand specific and exacting requirements.

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Question: What is Mastic Sealant?

Mastic sealant is semi liquid sealant that cures in an elasticated state, keeping it flexible but retaining the bond of the surfaces around it.

  • Can be applied to almost any surface
  • Indoors and outdoor use
  • Is able to withstand very low or high temperatures
  • Extremely flexible and durable

Mastic sealant has a smooth exterior but a rigid, strong form. It is waterproof, tough and flexible. Crucially, mastic is able to expand and contract. Mastic can also withstand large temperature fluctuations and chemical spills, and is unrivalled in sealing rooms and spaces efficiently.

Selected Works

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